Friday, April 1, 2016

The Land of Cherry Blossoms Awaits Us :)

Hi lovely people! I haven't been up here in a while, but I have to thank you all for popping in once in a while and leaving me some wonderful comments and messages to read. Remember me telling you sometime ago how the travel bug had bitten us and the moment we got back from our trip to Europe, we'd begun planning another? So yes, it is finally happening, we leave for Japan in a few hours YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!! We feel much more relaxed this time, not that we've become experts at itinerary making, but we've figured our own way. We're now travelling lighter and smarter for starts and we've planned an even longer holiday (25 days!) with fewer cities to hop, sounds good eh?

We leave on a direct flight from Bombay to Tokyo this evening and spend 12 days in Osaka and 12 days in Tokyo. We hit Kyoto first to go adore the cherry blossoms which will be in full bloom when we get there tomorrow afternoon. Setting up base at Osaka and Tokyo leaves us ample time and flexibility to take day trips to places like Mt. Fuji, Hiroshima, the hot water springs. I am particularly excited since Japan is a crafter's paradise. The zakka, the linen fabrics, washi tape oooh it's going to be so so tough deciding what to leave behind :)

I've been chugging away at the sewing table to get on some inventory for the webstore..and you've been very kind to get them to your homes for yourselves. I shall now resume shipping on Tuesday, 26th of April

Look at these...I've been dreaming of these for a very very long time. Pray and wish we get to see these in their full glory :) Any tips and things we must see are most welcome here. This time I'm making sure I can share all my experiences with you here and on Instagram and facebook. I had a tough time doing that while in Europe :( 
Wish us luck and safe travels and miss me like you always do :)

Much Luv,


PS It hasn't actually sunk in that we'll be in Tokyo tomorrow afternoon, I guess, it'll hit me once we get on the aircraft. There is loads and loads to see and do, but I'm going to be cool this time and leave some for the next trip. What say? 

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  1. Visit to akhiabara in Tokyo, fish market
    Mt Fuji n hakone
    M sure there is more to do n see