Friday, October 16, 2015

Sebastian and a Shop Update:

Yum fabric arrived home last week from iTokri and they weren't going to be sitting in neat folds in my cupboard, they just had to be put to use right away :) I get asked to make wallets often so I sewed up the humble two pocket wallet. These wallets use such simple construction but show off the beautiful fabric..don't you think so? I've had one of these wallets for the past two years now and it's just the right size. I stuff my phone and keys too when I'm rushing out to the supermarket. I carry a few cards and bulge in some coins as well :) 

Hahahaha don't miss the thread bits stuck to the flap. I quite like to think that walking around with thread bits clinging to my clothes all the time, I quite make a style statement eh ;-)

This is the first sewing project I'm taking up since this month, so things aren't at a pace I'd like them to be. But I'm sticking to wallets and clutches this month. There's something really happy about sewing purses and wallets, I can't say why though. You can pick up these wallets here if you'd like to take one home. They are nice and sturdy with layers of interfacing and hence durable too. The snap buttons make them look like they've got a pair of droopy eyes hehehehe. I've played with different kinds of interfacing this time, so if you own one from the earlier batch, this one is much stiffer. 

Meanwhile, some happy friends have shifted in with us and make me smile each morning and sultry afternoon. Say hello to my newest pals - 

My artist pal asked me if I'd named them yet :) I don't usually but I might this time. Do you any of you? I've been meaning to bring home some succulents for a while now, cause they look pretty and need not be watered very frequently when you're away. These green babies haven't had the best times in our home over the past years, I clearly lack green fingers :( I've almost killed every plant I've owned in the past, without knowing why! The new house however seems to be a happy place for them to flourish, YAY!!  See my new Orla Kiely planter I picked up from a thrift market in Paris. The jar was missing a lid but hey who cares when it's an Orla eh :)) I'm in love with her signature leaf print. 
Oh! Hold on...I haven't told you about a surprise delivery the Mister got me sent the day before? I now have a new assistant that's crazy about sparkly, squeaky clean floors like me and is massively more equipped :)) We now have the Milagrow BlackCat2.0 aka Sebastian! He's quite something I tell you! You will never believe that this tiny fellow can scrub your floors and shine them with a touch of a button, till you actually see one in action. The coolest feature is that once it's timed, it automatically leaves it's charging station, goes about cleaning and comes back to the station on it's own. It's been two days now and I'll admit, I followed it all around the first day, couldn't quite get used to the boy moving around on its own, but yesterday Sebastian was totally on his own. He cleaned up the sewing room while I happily fixed lunch for meself. My Ma was quite amused with the idea - you now even have a robot to clean your floors!! HAHAHAHA I'm quite amazed myself actually. I'm a pain when it comes to cleaning the house and that is why I've always cleaned the house on my own, no maids for me. But, Sebastian won my heart instantly. We're lucky we don't have too much low furniture in the house, so this boy easily gets under most of the stuff and cleans up. If you have a sparsely decorated house with not much furniture, this boy is a blessing. It's on sale at Amazon if you'd like to get one. The Mister is such a darling! What a thoughtful present noh? He's been showered with alot of hugs and kisses in the past 24 hours ;-) 
Okaye back to sewing the next batch of wallets then..I'll see you guys soon. 



PS Incase you're curious where the name Sebastian popped out of well, it fell out of my childhood memories of a very handsome gorilla at the zoo in Nairobi we went to often. This guy made all the kids laugh and giggle with his antics. Sebastian died a couple of years ago, but he remains the sweetest memory of our trips to the zoo as kiddos :) 

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