Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Yooohoooo...I'm back...I'm back :))

Hello Lovelies!! It's so wonderful to be back home. That's how our Europe trip looked like :)) 17 days of strutting across these wonderful cities on trams, trains, buses and on foot. The Mister and I got in last week and we weren't expecting a terrible jet lag that had us down for a week :( Naah..not complaining, it was all worth it! We came back with aching bodies and swollen feet, but hordes of wonderful memories and sights imprinted on our minds forever. Amsterdam-Cologne-Bruges-Brussles-Paris and back, phew! If I had to change anything at all, it would definitely be the itinerary. No traveller and no Lonely Planet will honestly ever tell you how you to plan one, but now that I've made this one trip, I shall honestly tell you all the great learnings and travelling tips that I've learnt first hand. September is probably the best time to make trips across the world, but be sure to research well on the weather and temperatures. Unexpected rains and cold piercing winds ( Which no one ever tells you about) were quite a bummer, but like true Bombaywallas we made the most of what we could.  
I'm going to write posts this week city by city giving you a detailed account of how things went. I better start right away lest I forget all the tiny details :) Meanwhile why don't you drop in a line to tell me what I missed these past few weeks eh? I'm busy sorting out our treasures we brought back from the trip, which are about 6 - 8 GB of photographs and tons of picture postcards...hahahahaha I'm serious. I have the sewing table all dusted and the sewing machine all set, but should take me a while more before I get down to sewing full time. 
Hope you've all been well? Drop in a line or two incase you'd like to fill me in. I'll see you soon with my longish posts on the trip. Ciao!!


PS. Traveling the world is truly a bug and am happy to confess, it's bitten us quite bad...we've already begun planning our next trip to an island country in the Pacific Ocean. Hush...that's our secret for now okiee. 

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  1. Just waiting for your vacay posts.the treasure trove you brought with you...please share those memories with photos.