Monday, August 10, 2015

Two Brothers and Miss Umbrella Bar!

A few months ago the Mister casually mentions, there's a newly joined colleague at work that's married a young girl from the hills and they've just shifted to town...wait..hills? WOW!! And hold on, she's an artist...even WOWERRR!!! So without wasting any time, I send her a message on facebook and wallah..she agrees to come have a pizza - wine dinner the same night. In walks this tiny, petite, unassuming young girl, Sumedha, with a nose that's oh so distinct to the hill people, (Notice the shapely nose that Meera has :) ) We spoke of all things art, colour, fabric, food , canines, over wine and more wine. The foxed husbands only listened and looked in shock and drank more wine hahahaha We polished off three bottles that night! She is an architect by degree but an extremely gifted artist. 
See the ugly, glittery, gaudy, nursery butterflies in the background? Aaah..that's what the landlord decided to surprise us with after we got the entire apartment painted white..Aaaarghhhhh...Getting the entire wall painted all over again was the obvious but the most painstaking of all, I get brilliant artist from the hills to paint me art to hide make them bearable....yippeee!!! 

The ugly before...

Tadaaaa....Brothers came home two months ago and this space has never been the same ever since! 

By Night-

And by day - 

That's a snapshot of what the sitting room looks like now. (Pardon the grey light, t'was a very cloudy morning)

I still have a couple of more butterflies to deal with....Am getting there...meanwhile any ideas? send them in people :)
Okay so here's the story behind the Two Brothers - These watercolour paintings are a part of Sumedha's personal artworks that aren't up for sale ( Heehee...I get to keep exclusive ones! ). The following week after our first meeting at home, Sumedha and her sweet better-half invited us to dinner and I notice these two freshly wrapped artworks propped up against the wall, apart from the lovely other pieces around the house. I inquisitively ask to see them and Sumedha opens up the wrapping and out pop these adorable sad, but happy, cute but scary pair of eyes and instantly I jump saying...I want THESE!!! Sumedha, the kind, sweet soul she is agrees to part with these personal paintings of saying "just for you" Aaaawww....too sweet. The Two Brothers are her tribute to the celebrated French Artist Henri Matisse, who I've now begun to adore for his burst of colour and expression. What I hope you all get to see at her exhibitions are her collection of her sketch books she's filled over the years. Oh they have such wonderful personal stories and doodles. You could get lost in them for hours. 
My Our boys came home the following week, fresh from the framers and with an adorable note artist style.

We celebrated the homecoming of the boys with a nice home cooked meal and cup cakes. I love how these boys give me company the whole time. Watching over the home with their naughty intriguing eyes. They fit in so well into our home, don't you think so? I stare at these boys a lot all day, I'm sure they'll jump out and kiss me one of these days...or may be run home to Sumedha heehee
The pretty missy at The Umbrella Bar, Sumedha can be reached at on her facebook page. She even has a gorgeous blog. You can read all about her travels and work here. Her recent project is Thesnailmailletter project. Send her a letter, card or even a postcard with any story, poem or an incident to share and she will post you a reply with a hand drawn picture. Now isn't that utterly thoughtful. Hop over to one of her pages and show her some love will you, nice peoples :)) You could even buy some of her lovely art HERE. I've found a wonderful friend in Sumedha and she even carries my carry the world tote bag to work :))
Thank you so much for reading all about my first real art buy. I'm hoping to get back to my watercolour painting someday, for now back to sewing my lovelies. Ciao!

Much Love,


PS. The Euro trip plans are shaping out quite well. Less than a month before we take off and we're finally done with booking our stays with AirBnB. Its been quite a learning, will pop in later to share. For now all looks good :)