Thursday, July 2, 2015

That magical place called HOME!

Hey lovelies, yes am back to work after what seemed to be the most hurried and unplanned holiday to Bareilly. It turned out to be the most wonderful holiday in many many years. After the Sista's last minute work commitments turned our whole planned trip in July topsy turvy, there was no way we were going to wait till September for her next chunk of leave, so with the boss saying "Leave tomorrow" we quite literally packed a backpack full of clothes each and rushed out the door to catch the next available flight to Delhi and carry on by train to Bareilly. Oh! It costed us a fortune, but all we were focussed on was what my Mum said to us on the phone the day earlier, " beta September is too far away, why cannot you come now?" :))
After a rather adventurous and bumpy 12 hour journey, we reached home to this ---->

Freshly baked lemon cake with homemade samosas and unending cups of freshly brewed lopchu (courtesy my tea connoisseur aunt) ...aaah makes me drool all over again. The subsequent days were filled with more lemon cakes, awesomest corn coconut curry, baked tacos, homemade yummy dal, hot rotis flying off the stove, kebabs, baked veggies, mind blowing churros, stuffed green chilly pakodas, mango fajita topped with hoards of mangoes and litchis, melons and gallons of mango kulfi hahahaha don't be shocked, we actually ate so much more ;-) 
This is what some of it looked like, the rest of the times we were too busy stuffing our tummies and forgot to take pictures. Get ready to drool people ;-)

The rain gods were rather kind and did sort of play havoc one evening actually, with the neighbourhood getting flooded, but what arrived the next day in the veggie market were carts and carts of gorgeous mangoes :)) I almost cried at the thought of not getting to have my fill cause I was a few weeks early. I was hoping to carry some back home, but as usual I was just soo overweight on baggage :( 
The mornings were spent waking up to no traffic sounds and endless work lists, but to hot cups of chai, watching Ma doing the Surya Namaskar and long discussions on menu planning for the day. Afternoons were spent lazing around after elaborate lunches, dozing off with the kindle on my face hahaha and evenings were spent listening to my Granny's stories of when she was a child up in the hills of Almora. I did however venture out on a cycle rickshaw with Ma one scorching afternoon to get myself some fabric and notions. The fabric market this one time didn't seem too exciting but, I picked up some different textures this time. 

These woven fabrics are a first I saw this time around. They're nice upholstery weight cottons yet used for shirts in winters, so the shopkeeper said to me. I'm thinking they'd be great for bags and pouches.

The notion stores were overflowing with lace, pretty ribbon tapes and handmade buttons. Notice the mirror thingys? I picked them up for my bag charms. All this lovely colourful stuff will start making an appearance in the shop once I'm back to work in full vigour. This sunny afternoon ended at the local chaat wala, and we went nuts after all these years.

Oh how much we giggled on the roadside with my Mum watching in total dismay! Bareilly is a sleepy old town with nothing much to do around except go shopping and hog on the local street food. But it's home and it's the best place in the world cause it has family. Ten days seemed like a month when I got back, that's how relaxing and fun home was. I felt lost in my tiny kitchen the next morning, that's how much Ma spoilt me :)) And since we'll always be the hungry kids that Ma sent away to boarding school, there's no leaving home without our share of tuck! 

Wallah! That's half of what's left actually. We polished off the cake up in the air! The pickles were almost held up at the airline security with the girl at the check in counter telling us to get rid of them as per airline rules, but we weren't leaving them with anyone, they're as precious as gold to the Damji Clan. So we cooly (well not so cooly, we looked like guilty cats ) walked past security with 5 jars of pickles and tadaa...the guy at the scanner doesn't notice them..I danced my way to the counter and slowly picked them up and dashed to the seating lounge as fast as I could. Meera and I felt like we'd smuggled in contraband heeeheee

Meet the family :) The happiness was doubled cause Uncle and Aunt (Mama and Mami) were home too. I've lived with them in Nagpur for many years in school and college and they've been Mum and Dad to Meera and me when we first arrived in India from Nairobi as lost tiny kiddos. 
I'm back to sewing from tomorrow, itching to use up all the new fabric bundles. Ramzaan Mubarak to you all! Be kind to those on the fast, it's the toughest and most trying time. Thank you tons for reading...see you soon!

Much Luv,


P.S. am reading Scion of Ikshvaku and it's terribly engrossing! 



  1. Stumbled upon this treasure and its made me so homesick! :)
    Meere did tell me u guys had a great time.. But its something else to read all your beautiful descriptions and see all your colorful photographs.

    Mazaa aaya bahut :)

    Much love.

    1.'ll be home soon too noh ;-) Yes we did have a great great week at home...missed out on soooo many pictures cause we were busy hogging hahahaha Ghar ka khaana is just phenomenal...okay am drooling myself running to catch lunch! Beeg hug!

  2. Loved getting to know this part of your life, looking forward to your new products!

    1. sweet gurl..I'm so happy you liked reading the post and the wonderful email :)

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  4. Missed your post.but this one with colorful photos is worth the wait.such a nice family!brings back the memories of my fun-days with my two daughters.
    Remain as are.

    1. Thanks a ton! You're such an encouragement :) You're a team just like us gurls when we get together with my Mum..trips home get fewer now :(( Much love to your gurls :)

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