Friday, July 24, 2015

Shop update and more...

I'm back to restocking some of the sold out items on the website. I get lots of emails asking me when I'd have some more of these make-up rolls back on sale, so here I sewed up some last week. I hope you've noticed the new fabrics and buttons :) These rolls are just so handy to carry around while travelling. I've found them more convenient than stuffing them into huge zip pouches. I don't own too much make-up but these rolls carry all the essentials. I can wrap 6 brushes (I have no clue what they're all used for hahaha), 3 lipsticks, mascara, 3 kajal pencils, rouge, a box of compact powder and one cake of eye shadow. Makes life so easy noh?
I've missed telling you about the new labels I got made a couple of months ago. What say?

I spent months asking around, but no one saw any business opportunity in making a thousand labels for a small venture like mine. As always I turned to the internet and my fabulous googling skills lead me to easylablesonline. I was so sure this would lead me to some website somewhere across the world that doesn't ship to India. Okay wait this leads me to a label making website in our very own Nasik. Believe me I made no calls, 3 emails with a kind gentleman called Mr. Bhadalkar and I had my first ever professional labels delivered home in 3 days. 

I got to choose what I wanted from a catalogue that came in the post the next day and they turned out great and value for money. I paid 3500/- for a thousand labels and the catalogue. The last time I remember getting woven label tape before we went to boarding school :) Anyone remember those?

This is the hand stamped label I made for each project. It worked well, but the ink would wash away. 
A few custom pouches I worked on as gifts last week. 

These pouches make such wonderful gifts for anyone. They can be stuffed with almost anything and carried around. I love how these turned out. I've been hoarding the skyline fabric for a home DIY project for years now. I'm thinking of restocking these pouches next in the store. I better get on to the restocking part soon, there are at least a dozen new projects lying in my pattern book that need to be sewn fast. I'm forever running late on my project list :( 

Franny and Zooey paid us a short visit one afternoon with Mommy and we had quite a time in the park :) We had to keep them away from strangers talking on their cell phones. They barked their lungs out at anyone they saw holding up a phone to their kids I tell you!

Look what arrived in the mail this rainy afternoon...lots of brightness to make my day. 

Utility pouches would look great in these fabrics noh? Well running off to catch lunch which is left overs from my Khao Suey dinner last night :) See you guys soon with a feature I'm really excited about. Thank you all for the reading and I'm so glad my last post made you think of home too. 

Much Luv,



  1. Thank you so much for sharing about the labels! I have been trying to find them for a while and your labels look great!

  2. Can you stitch few bags for me