Friday, June 12, 2015

Closer look at the new tote bags and WIP:

Presenting the neatest and the most organised tote ever! The beauties are what I was looking forward to sharing with you in my last post. These can help you carry around just anything. What really excited me is the structure and size of the tote. Took me a week to get just the various interfacing combinations right and when I did, it didn't bunch up or break a machine needle, but it's surprisingly sturdy and does have a lot of layers to sew through. I can proudly proclaim no needles were broken this time :) Having experimented with different interfacings, it wasn't frustrating to sew though there are quite a few pieces to cut and various fabrics to coordinate. They take a while to finish since it's almost like making 5 bags and then putting them all together. The padding gives these bags a beautiful neat structure as well as strength. They are sturdy and not bulky at the same time. The straps won't tug at your shoulders from the weight and sit just at the right length.

The cute flap front pockets add so much fun to the bag, its almost as though they're smiling at you. Snaps keep them nice and tightly shut and can be used for small tiny things that usually end up at the base of big bags. Its just right to store your sunglasses or cell phone etc. 

The bigger outer zip pocket is great to store a wallet, iPads, kindles, tablets or eReaders of various sizes. The zip will keep them from falling out and the padded exterior will keep them from getting squashed and damaged. 

The lining is the most fun part of all. Patchworked and colourful adds tons of prettiness to the bag. A slip pocket for your tiny cosmetics, loose change etc. The rather spacious interior with a big 5 inch depth can fit in tons. I see this bag as a great weekend bag or a nappy bag for young moms who hate toting around the usual plastic bags. Its big enough to carry a medium sized laptop. My 13 inch Macbook Air fits in rather well with 1 inch room on the sides. I'm definitely making one of these when I go on a holiday next month. Its just the perfect size to carry around at airports plus the magnetic snap on the top keeps the bag closed. 

The additional key-holder is a great way to not waste time scrambling through the bag looking for your keys. Believe me, I've had to empty out my bag on the floor looking for my keys many a times hahahaha

This tote sure is a great way to showcase pretty fabrics. I've used dark denim bought from a local fabric store in Bareilly, printed upholstery weight fabrics from Freedomtree, printed corduroy and cotton prints for the lining. I've put these up in the store for sale. Yes they cost much more than the usual tote bags I make, but that's how much the fabric and detailing cost me. You could click here to buy them. 

The holiday plans are definitely taking shape. The Schengen visas arrived yesterday afternoon, that's in 3 days flat :) If you live in Bombay and are applying for a visa at the French Embassy, you need not take an appointment and stand in unending queues, just walk in after 8 am with your complete set of papers. The staff at the numerous counters are extremely patient and helpful. 

Meanwhile, this :) 

The weather was gorgeous early this morning.

WIP : 

I got a very sweet request from a lovely young girl asking me if I could make some reversible market bags for sale. So that's what I'm working on this week. They should be up in the shop soon. I'd forgotten this cute snail print fabric at the bottom of my cupboard, I was excited like a girl when it miraculously surfaced while on my sorting spree. Have a great weekend Y'all. I'm sure getting wet in the rain is on the list eh ;-)

Much Luvs,


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I'm thrilled you missed me :)

Hi there lovely people! After spending these past few months ordering furniture, then flipping it around the house a hundred times to fixing the plumbing and windows, phew! I finally feel settled into the much so that it's now time to buy new curtains psst..
I hope the Mister isn't reading this, I've pretty much driven him up the wall these past few months with my ever changing home decor plans ;-)
Anyone looking for a new house, plumber, electrician, packers and movers, cleaners, furniture, a phone line or anything to do with setting up a new home can drop me a line, I have a treasure of information that you aren't even aware of :)  I've had some horrid experiences with websites selling furniture, home linen, crockery and similar stuff online and the most terrible plumbers and electricians coming home through certain portals that promise to provide such hassle free services. Nothing like your local electrician and plumber or the carpenter working in the flat next door and don't even think about getting your groceries delivered online, they'll frustrate you to no end! Aaah...lets leave all this for some other time I say. 
Sewing new things for the store is the only thing that keeps me sane at all times. I'm not too happy with my sewing space reduced to one single table in the guest bedroom, but I'm very content with the extra storage that I've got. I have two huge wardrobes to fill with all my sewing and crafting goodies. I get a whole lot of emails asking me where I buy my fabric, sewing notions and supplies from all the time. I have managed to reply to each one of you writing in with whatever I know. The sewing community here isn't too gracious with sharing information. I hope you've been able to find whatever it is that you're looking for. I seldom get really sweet emails from readers from this space and a few days ago I got a really endearing email from someone who said she loved reading my experiences here and had noticed I was missing for quite a while now. She'd actually written in to ask me if all was okay :) How utterly touching is that? Thank you girl (I know you're reading this) for pushing me to get back to my writing. The past week I've been working on a new project for the store. Took me a while to get all the measurements and the fabric and interfacing combinations right and I'm really excited with the end result. Here's a sneak peek of what's coming next.

 I hope to have them up in the store by tomorrow evening. These are pretty time taking and so I'm not going to be able to do too many for now. Only a couple, but I'll restock these in a few weeks. The much sought after make-up rolls and market bags are next in line. You could write in a line here if you'd like me to restock anything else.  
The Mister and I are planning a rather ambitious trip to Europe in September and after hours of filling in lengthy forms and putting together all the documents, we need to get to the visa office at 8 in the morning to give them in. Wish us luck guys. Travelling out of the country has become a rather tedious task these days. I hope all goes well, else we'll just hop on to a train and head to the countryside. 
How's the mango season coming along? I'm hoping to head home in July to my parents to gorge on the delicious mangoes that arrive after the rains :) For now I'm extremely happy with this :))

I have to show you how cute and grown up our lil girl Franny is. Her adorable eyes will make you melt. 

She's found a new fascination these days, wearing all her Mommy's tees :) Isn't she cute? 
Well I'm off to bed for now. I'll see you soon with a shop update. Thanks so much for reading.

Much luv,