Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Home! New Excitement :))

Hieeeeee......absolutely thrilled to write my first post from the new home...yeah that's the happy news I'd wanted to share with y'all for the past fortnight, was waiting for a working internet connection you see :)  The Mister and I spent months looking for a place and thanks to hours and hours of sifting through we found this great place in Powai not very far from our old home in Mulund.
Packing and sorting through piles and piles of stuff we'd collected over the past 12 years was an eeenormous task and I've almost left an entire mini household behind! A great team from Leo Packers and Movers helped move in all the appliances and furniture with great ease. I was thrilled to move into a sparkling apartment thanks to the cleaning services from Hammer and Mop! Their team did an absolute wonderful job with scrubbing the window panes and bathrooms. Oh and the kitchen cabinets and bedroom cupboards were all wiped clean and ready to stack. They made shifting in so much easier. Two thumbs up for this young and extremely helpful team! I have a terribly annoying strain of OCD that can cause a lot of inconvenience to people around me hehehehe well I'm quite a pain to be honest but, when I walked into a house with gleaming taps, shining floors and almost put my hand through a shut window, my anxiety vanished instantly and then came the joy of unpacking. 
I've spent the past two weeks unpacking twelve years of our lives from forty cardboard boxes :)) Arranging and rearranging furniture, organising my sewing space and busy doing non-sewing related stuff around the house. I set up the sewing machine yesterday, all ready to sew and wallah! I cannot find my sewing pins hahahahaha I hope they pop out of one of my sewing tins soon.
I've begun a massive hunt for the perfect couch for the sitting room. I could really do with some help. Any suggestions on stores I should visit in the city? 
The Sister has begun doing an online show on Mirchi Edge apart from her evening show on Radio Mirchi. You can enjoy the two hour show on Gaana from 2-4 pm. Its great to catch up on alternative music artists across the country. 
I hope to post some pictures of the new home soon. Meanwhile am counting on y'all for suggestions on the couch please :) 




  1. You shifted?!!!
    The old home in Mulund must be feeling so alone now.

    1. Hey Vikram! Yes finally :) Naah...the old home literally pushed us out. We'd had enough of each other ;-)

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