Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays Folks!!

Another bustling and zippy year now slowly comes to an end. The calm of Christmas and the winter season slowly takes over. The cold freezing North was utterly kind to me and spared me from the freezing cold and dipping temperatures :) I had quite a blast at the family wedding and came home with some treasured and warm family memories and a camera card bursting with wedding pictures :)) 

The Mister and I are spending the next few days looking for an apartment to make home in town. We're hoping to be able to find something before the year ends. Christmas eve will be spent cooking dinner and popping my favourite wine with the Mister. 

From the bottom of my heart I'm wishing you all lots of laughs, tight mummy hugs, warm homemade food, gallons of your favourite coffee and tons and tons of happy family time and some sewing and knitting of course ;-) 

I know you kind hearted souls must've opened your hearts to people around you, but if you haven't or have some more to give here's an organisation I really feel for - Access Life. I have no favourite pet charity but you can follow the pretty lass - Pranita Balar of barknbond and help adopt homeless cuties and even play pet santa to a pet charity. My favourite person this year is my security guard. This extremely polite and elderly gentleman mans the gate every single day with the brightest smile ever. I hope things look up for him soon. 

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous holiday season! I'll see you around very soon.

Hugs and Luvs,


PS Isn't the Christmasy fabric in the picture adorable? The Mister dug this out for me on one of his travels. The colour played havoc when I washed it :(( but its still so cheery and happy :))

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