Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Meera - My Rock, My Jaan!!

My Dearest Meera,

                                      "For there is no friend like a Sister
                                           In calm or stormy weather
                                      To cheer one on the tedious way
                                           To fetch one if one goes astray
                                      To lift one if one totters down
                                           To strengthen whilst one stands"
                                                                                                 ------ Christina Rossetti

You are truly my life and the one person I love the most in this universe. We've always been together for all our "firsts", but the truth is that I've always secretly admired and aped you all along heeehee. We share a bond that goes way beyond the earthly sisterly love! Remember how when you and I had to live apart in Nairobi and India for a year, the doctors prescribed us each other rather than antibiotics and multi-vitamins :))

You've done so many great things, broken all shackles and fulfilled your dreams and still are. True to your name "Meera" you are love and optimism to me. You've won all your battles with love and perseverance. While you lay on the hospital bed with a pipe through your throat, you were worried I shouldn't be seeing you this way rather than the horrid pain you were in yourself, no one other than a mother would think so Meera!

I've lost count of how many people and animals you've lent a helping hand to - at work, at home and even on the streets. You're always there for anyone and everyone! Your professional life is so impeccable and makes you oh so enviable. You are the most hard working and meticulous living soul I've come across.

Happy Birthday to the most amazing Sister anyone could ask for! I am so honoured and blessed to even call such an inspiring, beautiful, loving, dedicated, mathematician, tech - geek, baker and incredible woman my Sister!!! You make my heart melt Miruli!! You push me and make me alive! God gave you to me  to help me get through this life. There's no two ways about it!

Tonight we aren't together in a long long time for your special day, but I hope your spirits are high and awakened up in the hills, under the stars. I hope you pop that bottle of your favourite wine and raise a toast to yourself, face life in the eye and say like always - "I'm ready, bring it on! show me what you've got!!" For that's how strong you are! Please never change no matter how stern the world seems on changing you. You're too beautiful a person to turn into a replica of some carzy crack-head ;-)

Holy crap on a cracker!! I'm crying buckets here!! 

Happy Birthday my protector, my confidante, my secret-keeper, my memory-maker and my banker ;-) I'm so thankful you were born in our Damji home!!



PS See you soon, I'll be waiting at your apartment this weekend when you drive home from the airport. I've missed you horribly :((

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