Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Website Y'all!

YAY!! I have new website..tralallaaaa... I'm sure some of you've noticed the new look eh? I even have a new logo :) Well I've had it for a while, but now I have a whole website to match it. I'm so blessed to have a supportive man in my life who's as excited about making a new website as I am to start a new sewing project every week. So as the Mister says, I now have a "responsive" website. Oh yes! And it does mean that the designing is done is such a way that no matter what device you use, say a tablet, a mobile phone or a desktop, the website adapts accordingly. Now how fabulous is that! I'm so happy my website is homemade!! 
The website still needs a few things here and there, but for now I'm really happy with the way its turned out. Honestly I've argued and made the Mister almost bang his head against the wall all of last week explaining to him how I didn't want the usual website rules to apply to mine. I wanted to work purely on instinct and how I like things to work as an online shopper. So if you feel you're getting stuck somewhere while using the website, just throw in a line here and I'll get the Mister to do the changes :) 
Okaye so how about I tell you some of the features that I like the most about the website apart from the colours, which are my favourite, I miss using some fushia in here, but I think I'll figure a way to get it in here soon. Lets start with the navigation bar on the top. It's nice and neat and more so because I've clubbed various categories into broader ones. So now you don't have to scroll down till the end to see all the categories. They're all there on the top. They neatly drop down to show you the various sub - categories. 

Once you've clicked on a product that you like, you can see its detailed description with pictures of the product from various angles.

Once the product is added in the cart it's easy peasy thereafter. No registering, no log in, fill in the address details, make the payment using any options and your order is placed. 
Here's the coolest feature - tracking your order. 

Using the order details sent in the shipping mail - you can track the whereabouts of your shipment. 

Information on care for your handmade present and links you can use to know more about me and the work are on the top of the Home page
All in all, the website's turned out very easy to use and clutter free. What I need to improve on is my pictures :( I do put in a a lot of hard work but, I seem to goof up with the white background. It looks more grey than white! I'm watching tons of picture taking tutorials in my free time :) 
Let me know how you like the new look, I'd love to hear from you. Oh yes, I worked on my logo with some very helpful people at Hatchwise. I ran a design contest for a month and while working with freelance artists available on Hatchwise, we came up with a logo most suited to my work. 
I'm really excited about this milestone! Hope you guys have a great time shopping :) 



  1. Haathmade website by runa.nice as your work.
    Referring your husband as mister is very amusing.

    1. Why there is no shopping centre like Michaels,hobby lobby and jo-ann in our country I wonder.

    2. Hey Thankyou :) Hahahaha I actually picked it up from women in the local trains here in Bombay.

  2. Runa, what you need to do for whiter walls: post processing. Adjust the white balance.
    (or make and use a low cost lightbox to increase the light. some tutorials: )
    Jaya's Place