Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Marking Pen Fiasco :(

Remember my earlier post about my trip to the Bernina Center? Well I was all praise for all the goodies I spent a fortune on and then boom! Look what happened to the pen after using it for a bucket bag :((
The pen first stopped working and then leaked dry. I first reached out to Mr. Gupta, Bernina Creative Center, asking him for help. He washed his hands off saying "This is an off the shelf product and cannot be repaired or fixed" He later refused to reply to my request for a replacement. The PRYM Customer Care Department, Malaysia, wrote back to me repeating what Mr. Gupta said. On asking for what happens to defective products, Mr. LeeTing from Malaysia was curt in saying they would replace the pen "For Once Only" if I'd personally go get it. There was no way I was spending half a day driving across town and back, spending triple the amount on fuel to get a replacement. They could've easily posted it across and charged me for postage. I am so so disappointed and upset with this attitude shown to me. I did see this coming from Mr. Gupta though. I am promptly striking this store and the products its sells off my sewing supplies store list! I never ever want to go back there! I hope you guys have a better shopping experience if you do at all decide to make a trip here! 

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