Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Birthday BabbaJaan!

Dear Babba, 

Today is your 65th Birthday and I'd like the world to know how awesome you are! Ofcourse not to forget Roopa (Ma) for being able to handle so much awesomeness everyday ;-) From being the person I couldn't stand as a teenager and having roof breaking arguments and yelling bouts with, to becoming my drinking pal and partner in crime, we've come a loooong way noh? I am reminded of you everyday with every chore I take up and each task I complete. Your values of honesty and sincerity are the greatest gifts from you, besides your gorgeous eyes heeeheee. I've grown up seeing you pour your sweat, heart and soul into every screw you tightened. You've taken the road less travelled and you travel with style! Haaki Ya Mungu!!
We never get to be together for your Birthday Babba, but we'll all be together very soon. Raise that toast for yourself this evening because I'll be doing that too :))
Happy Birthday Babba! Thankyou for being YOU! I am sending you extra special wishes across miles.

UMMMMAAAAS and all my luv,


P.S. This is my favourite picture of you Babba :))


  1. You have brought a lump to my throat and I certainly have the sniffles now.....what a tremendous 'Cheers!' to a parent!!! Thank you for sharing Runa...this came from the depths of your soul..God Bless You!! Roopa and 'Bubba' have every reason to stand really tall with how both you kids turned out...Big Hug from me...
    Love to the entire Damji clan ( Haii naam likhte hi Roopa ke yummy chips, samosas and baking yaad aa gaye!! Slurp!!) and Happy Happy Birthday again Nizar!!!

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    1. Aunty Geetaaaa....I knew it was you the moment I read the comment :) Parents and friends make what Meera and I are. You have a huge role in my life and you know it...You've always been so open, true and expressive about your feelings, which is what sets you apart Aunty Geeta. You're always there though we meet so rarely! Love you and loads of UUMMMAAAS to you!!