Sunday, September 28, 2014

Shop Update!

These super cute convertible clutch bags went up for sale in the shop last week. I was inspired to do clutches and day bags in one and wallah! Here's the Convertible Clutch Bag. Take off the straps and you can carry this baby to an evening party. I love how I got to use some treasured bag hardware. I especially love the brass twisty-lock. These make such wonderful handmade presents. 

This week, I was making a pencil case for my sewing room and ended up making a pile full of them. They're just so fun to make and come together really fast. The boxy ones are my favourite at the moment. Notice the coloured leather tassels? I found this really great store online called Beadsnfashion. They are very reasonably priced and stock a great variety of bag charms, beads, leather cords, and much more. Their customer service and delivery is prompt and excellent. These cases/pouches make for cute make-up bags too. You'd could go here and choose one for yourself. 
Happy Shopping people!

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