Friday, June 20, 2014

S = Sewing = Swimming

I am thoroughly enjoying the two S es in my life these past two weeks. Took me a while this year to renew my swimming membership at the pool close by. Its been three weeks and am toasted as an almond with a strong tan. The much awaited monsoons are here this week and it sounds crazy, but swimming in the rain can be a lot fun. I am a total water baby so says my sun sign :) I am rather lucky to have a pool very close to where I live. Its a much needed break from work and the heat.
I cannot help notice all the young moms encouraging their little kids in the pool. Its really nice to see that parents eager that their children learn to swim. It is a must learn life skill.
With the heat coming down, I hope to be able to spend some more time in the sewing room.  
Stocked the shop with some more cute card keepers
Meera is back after her short work trip to Hong Kong. The gurl splurged on me and bought me my first Kipling tote :)) Its strange how sisters always know what you're looking for!
Isn't that a gorgeous mango yellow. I was for the last few months in search of the perfect tote and I can now say, the hunt ended with this super functional Kipling. Its made of suede on the outside and a contrasting coloured lining, with pockets for everything. The top zips up and so do the sides to give the bag some extra space. Notice the initial in leather. Its doubles up as an earphone holder and a cute accessory to clip on to the bag. Its handmade and picked up at the night market a haunt for crafters in Hong Kong City. I've packed away the bag at the moment since I do not want it ruined in the rains. Notice the packet of chocolates in the picture? These are the only ones I really love, I am not much of a chocolate, but these are yum. Know where I can get these in India? Please please write in! 
Our Father's Day weekend was spent at Meera's lazing around, watching television and dinner at my favourite Bengali place Oh! Calcutta. I'd been craving the mango pickled fish they served there a few years ago. 
We leave for Kashmir in ten days to celebrate my Ma-in-Law's 60th Birthday, am trying to get as much sewing done as I can before that.  New fabric has been bought to play with on the cutting table. More on that in a different post. 
Hope you're enjoying the rains. Drop in a line here to tell me how you're doing. Would love to hear from y'all.
Thank you so much for reading!


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