Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our little one is all grown up!

Franny is all of 8 months but is now a young woman and ready to be bred! Oh yes, we were surprised at the sudden turn of events this month. Our little baby started her heat cycle and had to be sent off to a kennel for a while along with Zooey, because they both needed to be kept under constant supervision 
These 21 days were the toughest specially for Meera. We missed and pined for them, till they finally came home this weekend. 
We had a little homecoming for the both of them and look how exhausted they were after meeting everyone. Its wonderful to watch Franny and Zooey get showered with love from our friends and get licked and pawed back at in return :) These two babies have changed our lives forever!
Have any pet stories to share? Do write in to tell me. 
See you soon!

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