Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Daddy's Day!!

They don't make men like my Babba anymore. Fearless, honest, brave, hardworking, a polymath, topped with lots of aggression and half a cup of anger..okay may be some more...hahahaha thats a deadly daddy combination here. He will scale Mt. Kilimanjaro, hitch hike across Africa, quit IIT, elope and marry across continents, get chased by a rhino, get stared at by a lion, make school bags for his kiddos, sleep all night in his car for school addmissions, catch a snake by its tail, put his hands in fire, make ice-cream for a living and fight and shoo away a brain stroke like it never happened! This awesomest man is my Babba!! I feel blessed. Thankyou MowlaBaapa!!

Hope you all had a nice warm Father's Day weekend surrounded by love and good food :)

See you soon!


  1. An awesome post.I feel a lot for my two girls who lost their father just before father's day .

  2. Love you Runa....from other part of the world.

    1. Hey, thankyou mystery person. Would be lovely to know who the love's coming from though :)