Friday, May 9, 2014

Mister's Birthday Weekend @Machan (Lonavala)

Easter this year and the Mister's Birthday fell on the same weekend. Since we had just two nights, we decided to go not too far from the city. So on a recommendation from a friend, we booked ourselves at the Machan Resorts. Its very convenient to get there by train or by road. Whilst going, we took the train till Lonavala station and a cab dropped us to the resort. While coming back we cabbed it all the way. Both ways it took us about 3 hours. 
 Not the best weather to travel to this place. Its was dry and scorching. The setting is lovely, but the heat did get a bit unbearable during the day. 
 This is a dried up lake that fills up during the monsoons. July to February should be the ideal months to be here. 
 I carried all my stuff in my cargo duffle made specially for this trip. Look how lovely the colours look. 
 The decor of the entire resort has been done very tastefully. I couldn't help notice little details that added a real lovely rustic feel to the whole place.
 This is what the reception hut looks like. We arrived at the resort by noon and had to wait till about 3 pm to get our rooms. So if you're visiting, make sure you don't get in too early during the summers, else when the weather is cooler, you can spend time roaming around the resort, eat some fabulously cooked lunch while you wait to check in.

 We were welcomed with glasses of chilled Tang and wet napkins, which were such a respite in the heat. Pardon my commenting on the heat soo many times, but that did really get to us.
 Want to spend some time reading, you could get some basic books on birds and nature here at the little reading nook at the reception.

 This is the restroom and the floating concrete tiles caught my attention right away

 The dining area used only for dinners. Lunch is served in a little shady corner with trees all around. 

 Since the resort is eco-friendly and green, here's where the get their electricity from. Impressive eh? There are no electricity or phone cables in this area. And not too far from the resort are huge estates owned by renowned Maharashtrian Politicians. Ha!!
 This was how lunch was served every day. Lovely eh? And yes I must add the food is delicious. it had a very homemade and fresh feel. The staff needs to be informed earlier whether you'd like to eat a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian meal.

This is how yum the lunch looked everyday :) 

An elevated platform, made of bamboo strung together near the lunch area where we ate lunch and generally lazed around.

 Alright!!! So finally we get to our room called the Canopy Machaan
 Extremely tastefully done rooms. Air coolers and not air conditiners in each room. Our cooler was non-effective in the sticky heat. The nights ofcourse were a sharp contrast and we had to ask for comforters at night. Though the cabin is made from solid wood inside, there is a nice canopy inside the room made with white sheets. Well  beautiful to look at but at night we had a rat come in through one of the gaps in the wood and create havoc inside the canopy. We had a tough time sleeping at night. One does come prepared to live in the jungle but not when you're promised a luxury stay at extremely high prices. 

By the end of the second day we were yearning to get home, cause we hadn't slept for two nights and the heat was terrible. The first day was spent roaming around the property. We went for a short walk in the evening with a guide who gave us some basic information on a couple of trees and insects. We really missed bird watching and star gazing. We were told that the naturalist was away on a personal emergency. I'd taken along our first pair of Canon binoculars that we'd bought for the trip. The peace and quiet is great here, except when you have noisy neighbours that play blaring music till late at night. Also make sure you ask in advance whether there are any families with young children next door :) We managed to catch up on a lot of our reading though.
It was definitely a different experience, but I wouldn't want to go there again. The staff is very nice and helpful but the owners and the management (Who are anonymous by the way and no staff member will let you in on the secret), came across as a little curt from their reply I got on my review at Trip Advisor.
Well, we were home by Sunday afternoon and overjoyed to be hahahahaha Hope you find this post helpful if you're planning a trip here sometime. 



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