Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May Miscellany

Hello there! Hope you had a great Mother's Day weekend! Here are a few snapshots of how this month's been going! 

Franny has learnt to kneel over the window sills of the new house. She amazed us with her patience to keep standing on her two hind legs for twenty minutes at a stretch. Now thats some feat! We spent the weekend shifting the Sista's belongings to a new and bigger pad and then decorating it up too. I went giddy with happiness when the gurl said I could do what I pleased :)) I'll may be put up pictures of the house for you all to see someday. 
Oh yes and I must let you in on the the event of the month. After much cajoling and convincing by the Mister and the Sister I did finally buy the MacBook Air 13 inch! YAY!! And boy this machine sure is a dream to work on. Not to forget my pretty little 11 inch VAIO that I'd had for over four years. I didn't think the shift would be that easy and smooth, but hey so far haven't got stuck anywhere, thanks to the numerous "how to" videos on Youtube :) 
The sewing table has been busy with the messenger bags and then some more jewellery rolls for the shop. I managed to whip up a messenger bag for me-self too. These are up for sale in the shop
I'm quite unhappy about giving my school reunion a miss this weekend. Everything was planned way back in February including the tickets. I cancelled them with a heavy heart and paid a hefty penalty...but hey what's not meant to be isn't meant to be right! So I'm trying not to fret about it too much :)  
Another batch of fresh Alphonso mangoes arrived this afternoon and boy are they gorgeous. We've been able to lay our hands on some great stuff this season. All thanks to a humble mango farmer Mr. Bhagwandas. He's been kind enough to deliver a fresh batch home every two weeks. Gorging on these babies has been the only best part about this hot and sticky summer. I'm praying harder than ever for the rains. 
See you soon!!



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