Thursday, April 3, 2014

Shop update and more

Haven't been able to catch up with much of my sewing this past week. I consciously put a hold on to the antibiotics and am on a detox mode now...Well just eating right and getting as much rest as I can. A phone call from a cousin swung me into action over the weekend and I tackled the mini wallet pattern I'd been wanting to sew for quite sometime. These come together very fast and use not too much of fabric. The only time consuming process is choosing the fabrics and cutting them all out. This pattern uses both the iron-on interfacing and the sew-in type of interfacing. Using both made a huge difference to the end product. I spent a whole day cutting and only a day to get all of them sewn. I even ended up making one to match my own little sling purse :))
These pretty wallets all stacked together can be found in the shop this week. I am working on sewing up some more lunch bags too. Hopefully they should be up in the shop soon. 
The Mister on his visit to Bangalore, was nice enough to pay a visit to a bag hardware store, that a fellow crafter mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago. He ended up getting me a bag full of buckles and rings and what got me most excited was the metal purse frames. I was on the lookout for them for a while now and the moment I had a chance I followed this rather simple tutorial and after one failed attempt and playing around with the measurements to fit the frame, I did manage to get one right. It now travels across the city as a gift for a sister of a very dear friend. 
 I got all the glue oozing out of the frame, all the measurements wrong and ended up with a purse that was shorter than the frame and rather awkwardly shaped.
 There was no way I was giving up you see. Being more patient and getting all the mathematical calculations all right ( maths = nightmares for me :( ) I managed pretty well and this is how cute this purse turned out. 
I'm hoping to make some more soon for the shop. 
This Paisa fabric available here is my favourite these days. I went crazy and ordered another batch in blue :) I'm saving a scrap of this fabric to make something for meself sometime soon. 
Some more small pouches I sewed from the Paisa fabric. 
The mini wallet I ended up keeping for my self. I'm so enjoying all those colours. That's all the sewing I managed this week. Any projects you've been working on lately? Drop in a line here anytime. I'm rushing to the kitchen to get supper ready. I'll see you all soon. 



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