Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter and Birthday Getaway

This weekend its the Mister's Birthday and a long Easter weekend, so we're off to spend two days in a small resort near Lonavala called The Machan. This resort has luxurious eco- friendly tree houses nestled between the jungle of Jambulne. Its a 2.5 hour drive from the city, but we're taking the train, that takes around the same time. While I'm thinking, its may be too hot to be up on a tree house this time of the year, the resort owners say they're full, so hoping the mornings and the evenings shall be pleasant atleast. The resort offers a variety of staying options for various guests and we've been booked to stay in the Canopy Machan. I promise to show you pictures of the holiday and give you a full lowdown on the place. 
Aaaand this was the perfect excuse to make myself Noodlehead's fabulous cargo duffle bag.
Tadaaaa....presenting my vintage sheet cargo duffle-
I chose my favourite vintage sheet print, I'd bought a couple of years ago. I've been using this sheet very sparingly and this was the last scrap left. 
I used denim for the bottom and side accents because of the durability and ofcourse it won't get dirty too fast. The pockets are made of upholstery cotton that Ma bought me last year. 
Pretty ikat fabric for the pockets. 
I love these bright blue mosaic snaps. They look so gorgeous on the mustard coloured pockets. 
The handles are made from a thrifted tablecloth. I couldn't find the a long enough metal zipper to go with the bag so instead I used an ordinary two-way nylon zipper. 
I didn't line this one because I was in a hurry to get this one done, but when I make the next one for Ma and Meera, I'm definitely putting in pretty lining and a zipper pocket.
Oh please just ignore the muddy floor of my sunny balcony, there's some heavy duty work happening on the terrace. 
 I'm just sooo excited how great this bag turned out and I've already stuffed it with my essentials for the weekend. Cannot wait to put on my sunglasses and strut along with this gorgeously colourful bag :) You all have a great weekend and stuff yourselves with all the Easter goodies you can lay your hands on. I'm really looking forward to this short break in the jungle. See you next week. Byeeeee!!



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