Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blogoversary and more

7th April 2011 was when I wrote out my first post here. Yes its been three years! Thank you all you lovely readers for support and the comments that you send in once in a while. There's tons I've learnt while writing posts up here. There were times I'd struggle for hours trying to get all the settings right for just one post. Three years later played around with pretty much all the settings available and with a little help from Google and the Mister ofcourse, I can now do a variety of things here on my own. I hope to change the look of this space. I have a new logo which I'd like to share with you all right here. Its all in the pipeline and shall happen soon :)
The week was spent working on some lunch bags for the shop. I finish them up today and click pictures to list them in the shop tomorrow. I snatched some time in between to make this sweet little pouch. This is made from scraps left after making these tote bags
 I hand embroidered the floral pattern to add some interest. Also used a metal zip for the first time. Its a pity you don't get them in larger sizes where I live.

This was meant to go up in the shop, but  if you can see the corner of the fabric has this ugly stain which is pretty faint, but I'm keeping this for myself. Its handy to put in small items in my bag when on short trips out of town. We're off to a quiet place in the jungle for the Mister's Birthday next weekend. Details on that later. I promise!

I also made one of these mini wallets for Meera. She saw mine over the weekend and loved it and I had some newly arrived fabric from iTokri, screaming at me to get made into this cute wallet. Hope it gets to her today, before she checks this space. Isn't this Paisa print the cutest?
The lovely mango season is back in Bombay and everywhere you go you see these gorgeous yellow babies peeking out of every fruitwallah on the roadside and fruit markets. Please be very careful what and where you buy your mangoes from. Living all these years in the city, have never managed to find the original Alphonso mango anywhere in town. They say all the good stuff leaves the country even before we know. I like the experimental online shopper that I am got myself a batch of fancy looking and smelling mangoes from a local run website called Promptly a dozen arrived the next evening and when I cut open the first two, I see this rotten center staring at me. Clicked a few pictures and sent it to the owners immediately. Ofcourse they did not respond and I called them the next day only to hear that I am the first to complain of such a problem and what I describe is a defect with the mango that cannot be detected externally! Well so I assume I was to just shut up an cut open the rest and eat whatever was edible and throw the rest. After a heated argument, which the gentleman patiently gave an ear to, he agreed to take them back and give me a refund, but all this after my blood pressure hit the roof and I had to spend fifteen minutes trying to tell him why I definitely wasn't going to let this come anywhere near my mouth!
Look what came this morning to make up for all the disappointment last evening :) A bottle of organic milk from Pride of Cows.  

They boast of milk being totally organic and untouched by hand till it reaches our doorstep. I couldn't wait to taste it the moment it came and I have to tell you, its the tastiest milk I've ever had after the milk we'd get in Nairobi as kids. I am a big milk fan and my husband laughs at me cause when I'm thirsty and longing for something chilled to drink, I more than often open the refrigerator and grab a glass of milk :)) If you have kids and adults at home that fuss over drinking milk, you definitely should try this. At the moment they only deliver in Bombay and Pune. Their customer service is great and extremely prompt.
The heat just keeps rising. Any ideas on how a portable air-conditioner or air-cooler would work in such temperatures? My studio gets terribly heated in the afternoons, forcing me to shut work, I could definitely get a split air-conditioner for the room, but that would mean some amount of masonry work, which I'd like to avoid if possible. Let me know if you'd have some suggestions for me. 
Hope you all are having a great week!



  1. Congratulations for your blog anniversary!!

  2. I think long metal zippers are available at The Hab, Khar and Pradhan stores, Bandra. :-)

    1. Hey, yes these are the usual craft stores in the city, but sadly you still don't find 26 inch metal zippers here as well :(