Monday, March 3, 2014

The month that went by

The past month has been extremely eventful and packed. Roopa's Birthday, Meera shifted to her new house, the In-laws paid a visit phew! Well everyone's settled and back to their old routines. Ma's Birthday in Pondicherry was like a dream sequence that was over so soon :( Roopa loved her presents and Ma gave us the prettiest bangles ever. These heirloom bangles made of pearl and rubies were presented as a wedding gift to my Maternal Grandmother by the Rani Saheba of Pilibhit. Lots of history attached to these and that makes them even more special. 
The Sister shifted to her new house and that meant leaving Franny and Zooey at the a boarding for a couple of days. I never thought I'd miss them this much. They came back slimmer and smarter :)) Meera's taken sometime to settle into the new place, but now all is good. The new house is more spacious and has a fabulous view from the windows. 

 The kids did finally chew up their favourite chair :) 
Am nursing a cyst in the eye for the past week :(( and so work has been rather slow. Made these pretty patchwork coasters for the shop. They've turned out so colourful and lovely am totally hooked thanks to Michelle's clever sewing pattern. 
What have you lovelies been up to? Love to hear from you!
Have a great week people :)

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