Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Shop Update

I've never enjoyed machine quilting like I did while sewing up these pretty tea cosies :) The walking foot has made all the difference for me. Ma brought me some beautiful printed cottons for me when she was in town for her Birthday. The paper pieced lettered tea cosy was such a joy to make. Its from Ayumi's Patchwork Please. I now want to sew up every project from the book. The indigo hand printed tea cosy is hand quilted and I must admit, I did not particularly like the process of it, need to get the hang of hand sewing I guess. The pocket tea cosy is the brightest of the lot and the little pocket in the front makes me think of secret love notes, tiny cookies, pretty tea accessories noh? Hope you like these and want to take one of them home. They're lovely hostess gifts and trust me no one minds another pretty tea cosy in the kitchen ;-)
Visit my small online store to go buy these handmade cosies. You could also write to me here if there's anything you'd like to see at the store in the coming weeks. Have a great week guys!

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