Friday, March 21, 2014

Navroz Mubarak

Navroz Mubarak to all of you! This festival is celebrated amongst alot of countries and cultures worldwide, so I really donot know about the actual significance, but yes it does mark the beginning of spring and the new year.
I have childhood memories of going to Jamatkhaana with Babba and Meera wearing our new dresses, which often Ma would sit and sew all night :) All the Aunties decked up in their white wedding saris, lots of yummy food for Nandi and yeah instead of the usual offering (Juro) distributed, we would get tiny packets of wheat grain and mishri (crystallized lumps of sugar) and a one Shilling coin too, all signifying good health, wealth and prosperity to all in the new year. 
I brought home these gorgeous mangoes, the first for this season and this is my Juro this year :) Wishing you all loads of health, yummy food and prosperity this Navroz! 

Lots of Love!!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shop update and more

I have been rather under the weather these past couple of weeks, but with each passing day and a truck load of antibiotics, I'd better believe I'm improving :) 
Sewing has been at a rather slow pace and I stuck to making the basic tote for the shop this week, instead of tackling more complicated projects. I carry this bag with me everywhere, shopping, to a movie, an afternoon out with the girls. It is truly an everyday, everywhere tote. I love the basic flat construction and yet I manage to stuff alot in there. Sewing the handles on the top adds to the visual interest. Plus the fun part was adding the brass snaps on the top.
Holi was quiet like every year and Gaurav and I spent it at Meera's. We attempted making the traditional sweet Gujiyas this year. These sweet dumplings are made of deep fried flour pastries filled with a mix of khoya ( dried milk more like ricotta cheese), dried coconut, powdered sugar, chironji seeds, semolina and flour. Ma always made them at home, but I've always been a little apprehensive making them on my own. Thanks to the enthusiasm and keenness shown by Gaurav and Meera and accurate instructions from Roopa, they turned out gorgeously golden and yummy. I'm waiting to make my next batch as soon as I get the time.
Franny and Zooey are growing by the minute, but they're just soooo adorable. They now have their distinct personalities and behaviours. We now know exactly how they'd react to a situation. Isn't that incredible? Look at those sweet eyes, let them fool you not I say! They are the naughtiest kids in town. Its terribly exhausting being around them, but I do miss them during the week :)) They complete 5 months very soon.
Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Holi too. I'd love to hear from you guys, drop in a line sometime eh? Don't forget to say a silent prayer each night for the missing Malaysian Airline plane. Its just so heartbreaking to not have any news at all :((

See you soon. 


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Shop Update

I've never enjoyed machine quilting like I did while sewing up these pretty tea cosies :) The walking foot has made all the difference for me. Ma brought me some beautiful printed cottons for me when she was in town for her Birthday. The paper pieced lettered tea cosy was such a joy to make. Its from Ayumi's Patchwork Please. I now want to sew up every project from the book. The indigo hand printed tea cosy is hand quilted and I must admit, I did not particularly like the process of it, need to get the hang of hand sewing I guess. The pocket tea cosy is the brightest of the lot and the little pocket in the front makes me think of secret love notes, tiny cookies, pretty tea accessories noh? Hope you like these and want to take one of them home. They're lovely hostess gifts and trust me no one minds another pretty tea cosy in the kitchen ;-)
Visit my small online store to go buy these handmade cosies. You could also write to me here if there's anything you'd like to see at the store in the coming weeks. Have a great week guys!

Monday, March 3, 2014

The month that went by

The past month has been extremely eventful and packed. Roopa's Birthday, Meera shifted to her new house, the In-laws paid a visit phew! Well everyone's settled and back to their old routines. Ma's Birthday in Pondicherry was like a dream sequence that was over so soon :( Roopa loved her presents and Ma gave us the prettiest bangles ever. These heirloom bangles made of pearl and rubies were presented as a wedding gift to my Maternal Grandmother by the Rani Saheba of Pilibhit. Lots of history attached to these and that makes them even more special. 
The Sister shifted to her new house and that meant leaving Franny and Zooey at the a boarding for a couple of days. I never thought I'd miss them this much. They came back slimmer and smarter :)) Meera's taken sometime to settle into the new place, but now all is good. The new house is more spacious and has a fabulous view from the windows. 

 The kids did finally chew up their favourite chair :) 
Am nursing a cyst in the eye for the past week :(( and so work has been rather slow. Made these pretty patchwork coasters for the shop. They've turned out so colourful and lovely am totally hooked thanks to Michelle's clever sewing pattern. 
What have you lovelies been up to? Love to hear from you!
Have a great week people :)