Tuesday, January 21, 2014


 This weekend = Birthday Party + Birthday Party + Mumbai Marathon + Friend's Wedding + Birthday Dinner Phew!! This weekend was jam packed, but thanks to Meera and Gaurav for putting up with my tantrums and helping me get to all venues without a hitch ;-) 
My Brother in Law celeberated his 30th this Sunday and I had the honour of being the official snapper of the evening. We ate and drank till 4am and sleep walked the SCMM Dream Run the next morning, got to a wedding in the evening and scooted off to a quiet family dinner later at night.
Oh yeha and between all the madness, our baby girl Franny has discovered herself in the mirror and spends a lot of time admiring herself heeheee. Its tough to catch her in action. Managed to steal a picture from Meera's phone. 
This week am finishing the last few details for Roopa's 60th Birthday trip. We leave on Saturday. 

New Camera pouches  are up for sale in the shop. These are another great pattern from Michelle Patterns. The construction was so easy and yes my quilting foot did all the hard work for me. Quilting is starting to get fun now :)
I'll see you soon before I leave. Hope you all are having a good week :)

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