Thursday, January 16, 2014

New notions and some presents

I added some more notions and tools to my collection. Apart from the walking foot I picked up online, my Uncle brought me some goodies while he came visiting last week.

I put the long ruler and rotary cutter to use right away. Need sometime to figure out how to use the slotted rulers for quilting. The eyelet and snap button pliers are so easy to use. I used the hammer tool and always had my snaps shifting about. I wish I'd asked for the one with adjustable sizes though. Its such a pity that all this might be available in India too, but the small crafting community that I'm aware of is just so secretive about where they buy their fabric and notions. Its sad that no one wants to share even their sources of fabric, in the fear that the other may gain...its just such a turn off. 
Well, I spent quite sometime sewing up some gifts for Shairose. Since I was meeting her for the first time and wasn't too sure what she'd like, I made her a few things that I thought she might like to have around. 

We chose the fabric together from Fabindia. Was too exciting. She loved her bag and was so sweet enough to carry it around the moment I presented it to her :)
So that's all I've been sewing the past fortnight, let me know what you people have been up to. Oh yes, know where I can get some yummy fabric and notions in kind and write to me pleeees :))

See ya!

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