Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Happy 2014 people :) I know its abit late in the day to say so..but my computer and I haven't had enough time which each other lately you see. 
The year started on a very emotional note, met my Dad's youngest brother after 27 years!! Yup! That's right 27 long years. Its not been easy for all the brothers, considering the 4 of them are spread across 3 different continents. Well the Karim is married to the lovely Shairose and stayed with us in Bombay for two weeks. Two whole weeks of talking,laughing,crying and ofcourse lots of eating and drinking too :) 

Days were spent over endless cups of chai and coffee and hours of talking whereas evenings were again spent over coffee and singing Swahili songs :) We talked of the time we were all together in Nairobi, Kenya. After two whole weeks of so much fun, we promised to stay in touch and visit each other often and not wait another 3 decades for a family reunion!!
Not much sewing happened, but yes I did get some Kindle cases and Tea wallets in the shop. Am working on some exciting projects and need to take some pictures before I can put them up in the shop. Oh yeha! The new Canon camera is lovely and am still getting used to it.
I've finally been able to use the walking foot I bought last month. It sews like a dream. I've been so silly not to pick it up earlier. Quilting and sewing through heavy layers has become so easy. I dreaded taking up projects with multi layers of interfacing and linings cause I'd always end up with crooked lines and a very sore neck. For those of you who haven't yet bought one and love quilting, go get it NOW!!  
I added a few more notions and tools to my collection too, more on that later. 
I haven't been able to set my sewing goals this year and I'm leaving that for next month. Till then I'm busy working on Mum's 60th Birthday next week. 
Sshhhhh....Ma I know you read this nope I'm not letting out any details here...soreeee :)) You'll just have to wait till you get here.
Hope all you guys are having a great start to 2014 with all your resolutions broken by now hahahaha...

See you all soon!

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