Saturday, December 14, 2013

Meera's Birthday :

We all got together for Meera's Birthday on Thursday at her cute little apartment in Colaba. Its so lovely that she is so loved and spent two whole days receiving phone calls from all her friends. This is the only picture we actually managed to get clicked together at midnight while she was on the phone with our parents :) 

                                                        Admiring her cupcakes
The pretty cupcakes - the theme was dogs, music and math :)
Posing with a Dora cake sent to her by a listener

Fresh strawberry genoise birthday cake

                                                              Presents I made for her 

                                                       Patchwork pouch lining 

    Gift cards and a cute pouch to hold them 

                              Patchwork pouch made for Ayumi's book - Patchwork Please 

                                 I added a tiny monogram charm as a zipper pull 

   There's no way I was giving her the Kindle without a pretty cover :)

I used the microphone print since she wears one everyday at work :)
We had a quiet evening at home since we couldn't leave the babies alone...oh and that reminds me, here's are our cutie pies :)

Franny and Zooey. Oh yes they look extremely well behaved here, but believe me they're soooo naughty and playful. They're teething and biting off everything they can get a hold off. They have brought so much joy in our lives and especially in Meera's. We feel truly blessed.

Happy Weekend people!


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