Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shop update and a vacation:

Hi everyone! Hope you all have seen the new goodies in the shop. These are my favourite things I've made yet and have been very excited about them :)

The quilted tablet totes are so fun, they came together quite easily but I seriously need to find a walking foot for my sewing machine for free hand quilting in future. The three folds wrap up so neatly and become this compact and neat crossbody bag. The makeup roll is an extremely clever design and fits in those loose make up brushes and bottles that fall down to the base of toilet bags. No more rummaging in your bags. I couldn't resist and made one of each for myself too :) 
Okay so let me share my short holiday plans with you too ;) The Mister and I complete 9 yes!! yipeeeee 9 years of being married and we're taking off on a short trip to Coorg in Karnataka, South India. We take off to Bangalore at 6 am tomorrow morning and then its a 6 hour drive to The Orange County Resort . All sounds very exciting except for the 6 hour drive, but I should be okay I guess. Am not a very happy traveler when it comes to car journeys :( I'm really looking forward to this break with just the two of us. We have such chaotic lives here that its hard to find time for each other. I come back Monday afternoon YAY!!! The packing's done, treated myself to a new book download on the kindle, hoping I'll finish it hahahah. Off I go to cook dinner, got to get to bed early, the cab comes at 4 tomorrow morning for the airport phew! Oh yeah incase any of you make a purchase in the shop I shall ship on Tuesday. So wish me luck and you have great week too. Any last minute tips on my trip, you're welcome to drop in a line :) 
Be good people! 

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