Friday, November 1, 2013

Re-stocked the shop:

I've added a few bi-fold wallets and cellphone pouches to the shop this morning. I'm still in love with all the new fabrics I bought a couple of weeks ago and they shall keep popping in projects for sometime :) The ruffled pouches will always remain a favourite of mine and every time I make these even for a custom order or a gift, its been hard to part with them. The pattern design is so clever and unique that no matter what fabric combinations I use, they always turn out gorgeous. The Bi-fold wallets are extremely compact and useful. I was using one till a couple of months ago till I gifted it to a cousin of mine who fell in love with it :) I now use the two-pocket wallet and am really really happy with it. 
If you'd like to get some of these for yourself you could go shop here 
See you soon, Ciao!!

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