Saturday, November 2, 2013

Personal sewing projects completed:

Hey lovely people...I'm sure all your busy shopping for Diwali and giving those finishing touches to your lovely homes :) Last couple of weeks I managed to do some sewing for myself other than what I put up in the shop. Sharing some of these beauties with you.
First up is this cute pleated purse, yeah I know you've been seeing too many of these. Yes! I admit am addicted to these :) These are fast to whip up and just the right size to carry your daily essentials. I used one of the floral prints I picked up a while ago and I really love the way its turned out. I've been a fan of big tote bags and handbags all my life, but since the last couple of months I've been consciously trying to fit everything in a small crossbody purse. The shoulder hurts and the big bags have just become a painful affair quite literally :( 

You'll be surprised how much this fits in. You can actually take a peek and lets do a count, so I have my two-pocket wallet in purple, my tissue pouch, there's a card keeper which you cannot make out, a small pocket pouch for all my receipts, a chap stick. I fit in my cellphone and kohl pencil in the pocket at the back. I even manage to carry a tiny jar of handcream. Phew! Thats quite a bit noh? But the pouch puffs up owing to the pleats and gives it a nice plump look. Love,love love!! 

The green floral lining is the favouritest part of the bag :) The moment you open the purse you get this fresh feeling, minty fresh green.

These colourful cases are a pattern I picked up from Michelle Patterns. These were designed as pencil pouches but really can be used for a variety of things. Am using two of these for my portable hard drives and one to store my rotary cutter when not in use.

This is an excellent project to practice snap buttons. I pulled out some pretty snaps to use for these. I'm thinking of making some of these as hard drive covers for the shop, what say?

I made this cute little felt basket as a hostess gift for one of the Mister's college mate's wife, who'd invited us for dinner last weekend. I filled it with tiny chocolates for their 4 year old son. This is the first time I've made something using all felt and pairing it with cotton fabric turned out to be a good idea. The matching buttons give it a nice finished look noh?

This tiny phone pouch with a key ring was made as a custom order. I don't do custom orders anymore, but this is something that I'd promised someone a while ago.

This is all I manged to sew apart from the stuff in the shop. I really wish I had more time to do some sewing for me. Once the shop is stocked enough, I'd love to make some dresses for myself. The fabrics are all washed and ready and have a couple of patterns I'm itching to try. 
Anything you got down to making lately, do drop in a line. Have a great festive weekend :))

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