Monday, October 14, 2013

Shop Update

I had the most satisfying time making these jewellery rolls and pouches for the shop. They come along so fast and in the end you have something that really makes life easier. Hahhaha!! No, don't get all serious here. These cutie rolls and pouches are such fun gifts and an excellent way to keep things in one place and carry around for your travels and trips. 

The roll has two neat big zip pockets and one ring placket which I also use for earrings and bracelets. The zip pockets are nice and deep and so you can easily fit in a few chunky kadas and bangles. I love how you can just roll these up compact and use the ties to secure them. There are tons of these available in plastic and water-proof materials, but these fabric ones just make you so happy. Don't they? 

The drawstring pouches are my most favourite. I've made tons of these as gifts and they're always appreciated. The 8 pockets hold alot of my tiny earrings and studs that otherwise roll down to the base of my zip-pouches. I also carry my precious gold and silver stuff in separate pockets so that they don't rub against each other. The center is where I keep a few necklaces and bangles. I also manage to keep in a watch. The moment you pull the drawstring tight, the pouch forms a cute multicoloured bundle, which looks so lovely. 

See what I mean? How pretty and fancy the pouch looks. I added cute little cotton beads at the ends of the ties to add to the cuteness :) 
Hope you people are had a lovely weekend? I'm thinking some of you are home today cause its Dussera. The Mister and I finally made our trip to the fabric market on Saturday afternoon. And you won't believe the amount of gorgeous fabric I got home. Actually its 25 meters ;) 
The fabric needs a nice long post so that's later. 
Enjoy your day :)


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