Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shop Update

Card-keepers in the shop and look how cute these turned out. I've been meaning to make little gifts for Diwali and these are extremely useful. I keep a bunch of my loyalty cards in mine and because its so handy, I just put my hand in my bag and wallah! I can grab it without turning my bag topsy-turvy. Plus don't these look so pretty? My favourite bag to carry is one of my pleated purses  and this card-keeper fits in so well with my wallet and tissue pouch etc. I must do a What's in my bag post tomorrow and show you just how much the purse can really fit in. You'd be surprised. 
I'm thinking gift-cards would be lovely to present in these cuties and ofcourse your business cards would fit in just well. Which also reminds me, I need to work on business cards for me, its about time, don't you think? 
Oh yehaaaa...missed out on telling you all, the Mister presented me with a dishwasher last week :)) Isn't that fabulous!!! Oh its made life so much easier. If you're still thinking about it, just go buy it. Ma has one too and its one of her favourite gadgets around the house, after the sewing machine ofcourse heeeheee. 
Now to going back to making dinner. Don't forget to drop in a line sometime. 

Happy Monday!!

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