Tuesday, October 8, 2013

HBR on Campus Diaries

Last month Nandini Varma, Nanu (cute as a cupcake man!) is what we call her, daughter of a very good friend and a student at ILS Law College, Pune asked me to send in my thoughts on running a start-up from home for her blog she writes at campusdiaries.com. Am a little uneasy with the term "entrepreneur" just as yet :) I did however get down to penning my thoughts a day before the deadline ended. Head over to campusdiaries.com/stories/haathmade-by-runa to read about what I have to say. Go say hi to Nanu and read some interesting write-ups she's done while in college.  
Also while you're at it do read campusdiaries.com/stories/foils-and-papercups on my kid cousin Sania Naqvi, who makes the most yummy looking cakes at Sweet Talk. Go give this young girl some love :) 
Am all wrapped up in this week's goodies for the store. After a nasty eye infection for the last couple of days, am all ready to tackle sewing with a vengeance! Wish me luck people :)
Hope you're having a great week! 

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