Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fabric Therapy

Last week, I managed to make that long pending trip to the fabric market. Look at all the goodies I picked up and I might add that all this shopping happened in all of 30 minutes :) My favourite has to be the origami cat and the owl print, but the fish bone too is cute and the cycle print...okay well I seriously cannot make up my mind. You shall see alot of these prints springing up in various projects I'm working on. Oh! Yes look how beautiful the felts are...thinking Christmas anyone :)) Felts are very pricey, but I picked up a whole load which shall last me a while. The width of the fabric is huge so one meter of fabric goes a long way for me.

The polkas look so yum and so I snagged as many colours as I could lay my hands on. The microphone print is something new I saw in this particular store this time. These fabrics are all available by the bolt and have no manufacturer details on the labels or the selvedges, which is sad because, the next time you go you can never get the exact same print. Well that also adds to variety right. Feast your eyes on these pretty fabrics for now and I shall catch you later in the week. 
See ya!!


  1. Runa- such amazing fabric selection. Could you share the store where you buy these from in Bombay?

    1. Hi Zahraa, I have no one particular favourite fabric shop in the city, but these I picked up from Crawford Market. I cannot exactly remember all shop numbers but, I spent alot of time roaming about and the picked these up from various shops. The best thing to do is to ask around for printed cotton fabrics and you'll get to the right shops eventually. Hope this helps :)