Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bag Sewing

Bag sewing for the shop was a big learning. I did go out and try alot of new patterns that I'd been wanting to for months. The big yellow satchel turned out to take the longest and I almost quit this bag half way. I picked up this pattern from here a couple of months ago. The pattern does seem daunting at first but the instructions are excellent and there aren't too many pieces to cut. but sewing through so many layers of interfacing and heavy fabric made it pretty stressful for me. It all turned out well in the end though :) It does seem like a huge bag to carry, but its just the right size. I sure would like to make one for when I'm out travelling. The bag I'd been longing to make forever was actually the Double-zip hipster bag. This is Erin's most sought after bag pattern. It took me a whole day to cut all the pattern pieces and then another day to sew. But this has to be my favourite pattern ever. I so wanted to keep this for my self :) Its just the right size, adjustable strap, a pocket for everything, its just perfect. It sure looks very tedious and difficult to sew. However, when I got all the pattern pieces cut and labeled, that was most of the work done. I totally am waiting to sew another one just for me. 
The Scrunchie bag  turned out to be a real surprise. Till I finished it, I had absolutely no idea how it was going to turn out. Elastic at the top and the bottom does wonders to this bag. Reminds me so much of the jholas I'd go shopping for in Janpath market when I was in college years ago. The Double-Pocket Tote is a classic pattern. Functional and so beautifully structured. I've made many as gifts and custom orders and women just love them. It was infact this pattern by Anna was my first ever pattern I bought and sewed. 
Diwali is round the corner and I do have alot of sewing to catch up on. So see you all later.

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