Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Products!

I spent the whole of last week putting together various coloured fabrics and making these bright iPad cases and clutches. These are up in the shop for sale. They are an excellent way to store and carry the iPad and different and colourful too. I hate the usual boring stuff available in the market.

I especially loved making these patchwork zippy pouches. Lots of fun fabrics and patterns. These can be used any side. The zip helps keep the iPad from falling out into your bags. I made these using old sari borders that a friend gave me a couple of months ago. The zari borders sure add just the right bit of glam and bling to the pouch

These are my favourite too. Made using the brilliant pattern from Michellepatterns. These can be used to store alot more than just the iPad. There's space enough to keep a book or even a magazine along with the regular accessories that accompany your iPad.My favourite has to be the pleated pocket in the front. 

 Look how lovely these fabrics are, aren't they? The "paisa print" was bought from the fabulous store at itokri. If you all really love hand printed fabrics, this shop is a must visit. I splurged on fabric this week too, despite promising myself not to :)) More on that in my next post.These cases also have a neat zip pocket in the front for extra storage.

These iPad clutches are super practical and fit more than the iPad too. I actually use one of these to store my paper patterns :) You could use them for your iPad or even as a cool office or college accessory. Its exciting to make stuff that is multi-functional.

I missed my Friday deadline to stock the shop with new products, but I'm glad I managed it over the weekend. Its extremely challenging to get the dishes washed and dinner on the table in time along with the piles of sewing...but its terribly exciting too. Must make a special mention for the Mister, who's been chipping in with the house chores, I love you :) 
Looking forward to spending a relaxed Sunday evening and yes planning for the next update in the shop. I'm thinking lunch bags...what say? Would be lovely to get a line or two from you all sometime.

Happy Weekend!




  1. Love all your ipad pouches.Are you stitching these by yourself or take some help?
    I searched for you in Pinterest but no trace.
    Best of wishes.

  2. Thankyou! Yes I do all the sewing myself. I am on Pinterest, but not to fond of the format so I stay away :)

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