Thursday, August 29, 2013

Some Good News

Hey, yes look what a bad blogger I am :( Well am not going to make any excuses this time and make sure I get to do some more writing here. I haven't been lazy at all though, have been working on various projects and have finally been able to say no to custom orders, yes I did!! I shall have some small news for you all in a day or two. There's alot of excitement, alot of tears, alot of sleepless nights but its all going to be totally worth it :))
Right now am tearing my hair apart with my camera...
There's so much to share and update you all with, which I shall slowly do over the next few days. The Mister has been very patient and is working round the clock to get my work done...heehee no I remember, its a secret, not telling you all right now. Wish me luck and girls please stay safe. Haven't been hearing too many positive things lately. My Sister too ran into a bit of a problem two days ago. Will tell you what happened once we have a clear picture about our plan of action.
See you all soon. 
Oh yes ...Happy Dahi Handi :))

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