Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Got Featured :))

A couple of days ago, I received a lovely mail from a feature writer at the Mint Lounge saying they'd love to do a write up on me..."Are you serious??" is what came to my mind. I'm this small little crafter, sitting in my guest-bedroom turned studio, quietly working away on projects on my sewing machine..who wants to know me? Well after a long chat over the phone and some pictures shared over email, this chirpy young writer turns out this beautifully written piece about me and my HaathmadeByRuna story. The Mister has been so excited for the last three days and when he heard about the interview, he insisted we start the online shop right away rather than next month. So I sat counting the little projects that were completed and the Mister sat like a robot on a machine and was born premature :)) 
The store isn't all that stocked, as much as I would like it to be, but its a beginning and I have many more projects lined up for sale the coming week. I'm thinking iPad cases and lunch bags. What do you say? I've been flooded with custom orders, but the process was too tedious and time taking. I often spent too much time on a single project and felt I wasn't getting space to unleash my own creative ideas. Well now I will :) 
Do stop by at the shop  and tell me what you think. Will wait to hear from you. TIll then I must get back to the sewing table and get down to work. 
Here's a peek into how the shop looks for now

Keep the love coming
Happy Weekend



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