Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snip Snip...

Another week flies past. I've been sewing for hours a day like a maniac. Meera is back to work full time and is doing great. She joined work after two weeks and the evening before she left for her own place, we figured she needed a haircut and that too a nice short one to beat the hot summers and guess what I cut them! Yeha, just like that and she was such a sport. Didn't think twice before letting me. Hair cutting is so fascinating ya, and after years of observing my stylist, I actually tried copying the way he does my hair. Sounds funny ha? But, it turned out great and she's even getting compliments at work :)) 

Here she is, look how cute she looks. 

Oooh, this side is my favourite. Not a bad job ha?

Hmmmm...well okay, I didn't do so well here, but trust me looks much better in real life. This was so much fun. Have any of you tried something like this before? Thinking of it...I think I shall take some haircutting lessons later this year. What say? What you all doing this weekend eh?

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