Friday, March 9, 2012

I Promise

Its been one eventful 2011 and we're already in March 2012! No excuses this time for not writing my blog. I've missed this space immensely and now I've promised myself to write atleast a line each day. I ask lots of people how they manage to get on to facebook, twitter, reply to mails and at the end of the day update their blogs, but, I just need to get into the habit I guess, what say? Oh yeha, and I need to get active on Pinterest too! My Birthday this year, was quiet and low key because Meera's down with hepatitis again! Yes that's technically the fourth time since September last year :( but, Meera and my husband dearest, Gaurav made it soooo special for me and what they gave me is a beautiful Janome sewing machine. I had a basic entry level Janome I bought myself three years ago and I'm always talking about saving to buy a more fancy model that would let me do lots of other stuff and specially quilting. I'm dying to make a quilt, but my old Janome just wasn't good enough. I shall post some pictures soon for all of you to see my new baby! She's beautiful and fantastic to work on. I felt so special thinking of all the effort these guys put in to deciding and buying my Birthday present. Meera and Gaurav have absolutely no idea about all this stuff, but they searched the internet, and even got my mother to help them out...isn't that sweet? I plugged it in the next morning and sat down to work. I've managed to complete quite a few projects since my last post and must put up some pictures for all you people to see. A new baby bag is on my table now and am extremely excited to get it all completed and off to its new home.
Haven't heard from you all. Please drop in a line, what say?
Well dinner's on the table and tonite's pizza night :) Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Wow, I didnt know you couldnt do quilting with the earlier one. So glad this one has so many features :)) Ummmas!!

  2. Meera, I cannot begin to tell you what this new sewing machine can do...yes now I can finally quilt on this one....thank yoooooo Sista! Love you!