Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Weekend

Gosh this week flew by soooo fast. Meera is much better now and she went back to her little pad in Bandra this evening. Her hepatitis levels haven't touched normal yet, but she feels she can get back to work on Monday yay!!
We had quite a nice happy weekend, with Meera feeling better and Gaurav getting the Saturday off from work, we went out shopping and watched three movies at the theaters too :) I love going to the movies alot. Iron Lady was a treat and took me back to my school days where Meera and I would try to read the news in "Margaret Thatcher" accent :) We were so in love with her dressing style that we got my mother to make us "Margaret Thatcher suits" :)) I wish I'd saved some of the marvelous clothes my mother sewed for us. Meryl Streep is fabulous in the flick! She just had to get the Academy Award for it.
Tomorrow's  Monday and I've a huge huge pile of sewing to complete and send across to various people. I finally completed a baby bag that was on my table for ages and am so so happy with it. It should reach a young mommy tomorrow, cannot wait to hear what she thinks of it. I must get some pictures up here too....well its past midnight have to run to bed...hope you all had a good weekend too. 


  1. Im sure Indi will love the bag. Will post her reaction here. Goodluck with monday sewing :))

    1. Hey, Meera, yeah, Indira did really like it....I had much fun making it, ofcourse I did get stuck a few times :) but it turned out so cute. Oh! My sewing pile seems unending...hope I manage to wrap up before our holiday.