Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sewing Goals Completed This Week

Hexagon Pouch - Personal pattern
Ruched Tea Cosy - Pieces of Me
Pocket Clutch - Keykalou
Fabric Bowls - A Spoonful of Sugar
Smocked Clutch - Zakka Inspired
Crossbody Ipad Bag - Personal pattern
Boxy Dopp Kit - Prudent Baby
Envelope Clutch - Nooodlehead
Cathedral Window Pouch - Sew Sweetness
Tissue cosy - Canoe Ridge Creations
Wallet Notebook

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some New Sewing

Hello time has been flying by with jet speed, I'm sure you too have been having busy week ha? I finished the ruched tea cosy I set out to make and I think it looks very pretty. 

Now wouldn't this look so bright and cheery in your kitchen. What's missing is a nice little teapot noh? Mine's too big for this standard size tea cosy :( Janelle's book is lovely and every project is different and easy to follow. By the end of this ruffled project however, I've pretty sure that I hate ruffling. Its just so time taking and more than often, threads snap in between and you need to start all over again. I think its time to buy a ruffle foot, may be that should help. 

Smocking is something that has intrigued me ever since I've been a kid. Ma used it for our little girly summer frocks she made us, but I've never had a chance to learn it from her or even try doing it on my own, till I saw  

Gorgeous ha? This pretty smock purse I found at zakkainspired and she was really nice to add a tutorial too. Did take me some time to get the hang of it, but later it was much more easy to do. I spent the Sunday watching the India-Pakistan cricket match on television and smocking away. This is what mine looks like 

oooh I loved the way turned out and am taking it as a gift for Roopa. I'm sure she'll love it too. I've been trying to learn some new sewing and quilting techniques. There's just so much to learn. 
After seeing this I knew I had to try the cathedral window block. I always wondered how it was done and this tutorial is fantastic and tadaaaaa....

My cathedral window pouch yay!  And here's a close up of the window

Pretty neat ha for my first time :))

Crafters and sewists across the globe are so generous with their tutorials, big hug to all you lovely bloggers! Well I have my pot of fresh tea brewing and nothing like a lovely strong cup of tea after a tiring day ha? See you all soon!



Sunday, March 18, 2012

WIP - Ruched Tea Cosy

Ruched tea cosy from Janelle Wind's lovely book Pieces of me

Projects Completed This Week

Mac keyboard cover (personal pattern)
Kindle cover ( Tutorial from )
Wallet (Personal pattern)
Orange clutch ( keykalou )
Messenger bag ( keykalou )
Tote bags ( Personal pattern)
Messenger bag in red ( keykalou )
Mac monitor cover ( Personal pattern)
Baby bag ( Lisa Lam from u-handbag.)

Snip Snip...

Another week flies past. I've been sewing for hours a day like a maniac. Meera is back to work full time and is doing great. She joined work after two weeks and the evening before she left for her own place, we figured she needed a haircut and that too a nice short one to beat the hot summers and guess what I cut them! Yeha, just like that and she was such a sport. Didn't think twice before letting me. Hair cutting is so fascinating ya, and after years of observing my stylist, I actually tried copying the way he does my hair. Sounds funny ha? But, it turned out great and she's even getting compliments at work :)) 

Here she is, look how cute she looks. 

Oooh, this side is my favourite. Not a bad job ha?

Hmmmm...well okay, I didn't do so well here, but trust me looks much better in real life. This was so much fun. Have any of you tried something like this before? Thinking of it...I think I shall take some haircutting lessons later this year. What say? What you all doing this weekend eh?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Weekend

Gosh this week flew by soooo fast. Meera is much better now and she went back to her little pad in Bandra this evening. Her hepatitis levels haven't touched normal yet, but she feels she can get back to work on Monday yay!!
We had quite a nice happy weekend, with Meera feeling better and Gaurav getting the Saturday off from work, we went out shopping and watched three movies at the theaters too :) I love going to the movies alot. Iron Lady was a treat and took me back to my school days where Meera and I would try to read the news in "Margaret Thatcher" accent :) We were so in love with her dressing style that we got my mother to make us "Margaret Thatcher suits" :)) I wish I'd saved some of the marvelous clothes my mother sewed for us. Meryl Streep is fabulous in the flick! She just had to get the Academy Award for it.
Tomorrow's  Monday and I've a huge huge pile of sewing to complete and send across to various people. I finally completed a baby bag that was on my table for ages and am so so happy with it. It should reach a young mommy tomorrow, cannot wait to hear what she thinks of it. I must get some pictures up here too....well its past midnight have to run to bed...hope you all had a good weekend too. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

I Promise

Its been one eventful 2011 and we're already in March 2012! No excuses this time for not writing my blog. I've missed this space immensely and now I've promised myself to write atleast a line each day. I ask lots of people how they manage to get on to facebook, twitter, reply to mails and at the end of the day update their blogs, but, I just need to get into the habit I guess, what say? Oh yeha, and I need to get active on Pinterest too! My Birthday this year, was quiet and low key because Meera's down with hepatitis again! Yes that's technically the fourth time since September last year :( but, Meera and my husband dearest, Gaurav made it soooo special for me and what they gave me is a beautiful Janome sewing machine. I had a basic entry level Janome I bought myself three years ago and I'm always talking about saving to buy a more fancy model that would let me do lots of other stuff and specially quilting. I'm dying to make a quilt, but my old Janome just wasn't good enough. I shall post some pictures soon for all of you to see my new baby! She's beautiful and fantastic to work on. I felt so special thinking of all the effort these guys put in to deciding and buying my Birthday present. Meera and Gaurav have absolutely no idea about all this stuff, but they searched the internet, and even got my mother to help them out...isn't that sweet? I plugged it in the next morning and sat down to work. I've managed to complete quite a few projects since my last post and must put up some pictures for all you people to see. A new baby bag is on my table now and am extremely excited to get it all completed and off to its new home.
Haven't heard from you all. Please drop in a line, what say?
Well dinner's on the table and tonite's pizza night :) Happy Weekend everyone!