Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back To Work And The Most Difficult Task Ever

I've been cutting and sewing, cutting and cutting loads of pretty fabric for lovely people, who've waited so patiently to get their custom orders. It gets tired and painful too...specially since I have this terrible allergy on my fingers. I've been postponing going to the doc, but I should go next week. There are lots of projects I'm working on, will share pictures when they're all ready to be shipped.
Okay so the most difficult task now, us Damji's as a family are really really conscious about their hair. Yup, hair. I've cancelled plans and sat at home because I hated my hair or hadn't had my regular haircut. I've always had very short hair, except when I was very young. I have extremely thick and curly hair, which gets so difficult to manage when it grows, specially in the summers. I even fought with my Mother-in-Law, who tried so hard to make me grow my hair out for my wedding (the perfect Indian bride). Since then I've never tried growing them ever, but yesterday I decided to. Am quite surprised with myself, lets see how long I can hold on. I need a haircut every four weeks, so its going to be very very tough for me, wish me luck guys :)

This is me now

This is me 30 years ago, with my curls :)

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