Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And....I'm Back :)

Hi lovely people, I hope you all really missed me ;) I've been on quite a long break from work, five weeks to be precise, because my Mum was here from Bareilly. Roopa, yeha that's what I call her ( No, you cannot!), terribly needed a holiday. She hadn't been anywhere after my Dad had a stroke 3 years ago and my 85 year old Granny stays with us too. But, this time both Roopa and I decided that she had to take a break. She came on an open ticket, but couldn't stay more than five weeks, she missed my Dad terribly ( cute nah? after 36 years of marriage). 

These five weeks have been so special to all of us. I've never had to spend so much of time with Roopa since I was very young, cause I was always away at school or college. Okay so I got to learn to make lots of yummy stuff in the kitchen, like lets get your mouth watering - Eggless mixed fruit trifle cake, eggless chocolate cake, mutton samosas, ondvoh ( A Gujarati delicacy) and lots of other Indian stuff. I was surprised with how patient she was with me in the kitchen, cause I have a funny habit of wiping and washing every five minutes of cooking :) I was amazed at the treasure of tips and tricks she had. She's been sewing for us since we were kids, so I was able to get her to teach me the basic tricks on sewing and drafting as well. It felt really nice when she was really excited to see all the stuff I've been making. Oh, and I must share pictures of the really lovely fabric she brought for me. Half her suitcase was full of it. 

All the three of us, that's Roopa, Meera and I spent lots of gurl time too, yeha yeha, we went out shopping almost every second day. We would spend hours at stores more so because the monsoon sales are on here, and its quite a task shopping at sales. I wonder how you guys manage. I find shopping at sales really stressful. Roopa is crazy about shoes and of course so  am I, so a major chunk of our shopping was shoes, shoes and shoes. We also managed to pack in a trip to Goa and Alibaug over the weekends. We spent most evenings eating out, as Roopa loves to cook and try new stuff, but, we had no idea, she's so hard to please ha, because she's such a perfectionist herself.

She left a week ago and I miss having her around the house alot. My Dad really deserves a huge pat on his back for handling the house all on his own. Its been a great achievement for Babba and for us as a family, specially after Babba had a stroke. we'd decided we wouldn't leave him alone at all, and he'd become too dependent on Roopa. This trip has let us know how much Babba can really handle on his own and Roopa learnt how to have fun, without worrying about the house, the dishes, the laundry, etc, etc.

Roopa - Babba, I know you shall read this post, just to say Babba, I love you so so much and thank you, you managed Bhabhi (my Granny), the house, your work all so so well and Roopa was able to have a blast with us. Ummmmas and hugs to both of you. This trip was really really special to both Meera and Me.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Three Pretty Women

You'll never ever catch Roopa indulging like this ever!

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