Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Almost Done

Its been a week since I've been on my "sewing marathon", well quite thrilled as I'm almost done. The only thing left is tons of ironing, labeling and then they're ready to be packed off and hopefully they will find use in some lovely houses :) 

Here's a sneak peek on what I've been working on...

There's still alot more....but, that's when I click pictures tomorrow...till then love to you all...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sewing Marathon

Gosh! This is crunch time for me guys. I'm chasing a ten day deadline for a custom order to be sent to Bangalore. My craft space is a mess, buts its been terribly exciting so far. I'm working on 10 wallets and pouches and 5 tote bags. Phew! Its some challenge, but am up for it. Will post some pictures soon for all of you to have a look and also all you wonderful people in Bangalore  Bengaluru can go have a dekko and tell me what you think and yes of course pick up some lovely Haathmade stuff for yourselves :)

Its summer vacations here and awfully quiet around, every one's out holidaying. How about all of you? Any trips planned? any places visited? I'd love to hear from you all you know.

Okie signing off to get back to work!

See ya!



Ma Sent Me a Letter :)

RUNA, I am on seventh heaven right now. You have summed up so well .Did i do so much? pata nahi kab kiya. but you have glorified it. Feel good to bahut ho raha hai. One thing that I do not have is good power of expression in words and I always wished that Meera and you should be fond of reading and writing. After reading all that you've written so far I feel so so happy and proud and I thank God for giving me the idea of keeping a stack of Readers Digest in the loo so that you could start with books fatafat :)

Lots of love and ummmmaaas,


Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Tote Bag

Made this tote bag for a friend's birthday. Was very happy when she liked it and even put it to use immediately. (please ignore the wrinkles :) was in such a hurry to snap it :) )
I used my own pattern and the finished bag measures about 12 inches by 9 inches. I should've added a little pocket inside, which I conveniently missed putting. But, the size is just right to put in your wallet, keys and even your favourite book to read.

I loved how the flower turned out and the yellow button too...isn't it cute? I'm totally in love with the pink fabric which is a block print of the Swastika and Sanskrit text. I'm surely making more of these, they make lovely presents.

I Love You Roopa

I think of the word "mother", and yeah instantly I think patience, comfort, love, hot yummy food, tolerance, compassion, brave, strong, honest, hardwork, wonderful daughter, great friend , music, flowers and yes bolts of fabric :) That's my awesome Mother - Roopa.

Isn't she gorgeous...growing up I never realized how precious she is to me till I began to understand what it really is to be a are quite a handful and they push you to the limit. Though am not a mother myself, but at 33 I do get a fair idea what it is to be one. I've been a tough kid in school, in my teens and even after I got married. As an adult I plan to let you know just how thankful I am to you. 

That's a picture of Roopa and me on my first birthday

Thank you Roopa!

That's the three of us

At this stage of my life, I now see you so differently and oh no! yours isn't the easiest job no! I now see all the hard times, the challenges, the sacrifices, yes I see it all and I know I'll be all of you one day!  Its an honour to be a mother and, Roopa an honour to be called your daughter. I love you and miss you tons. I slowly realize by the day that, I am all that I am cause you are all that you are :):) 

That's Roopa with her third daughter, Chui. I know she misses Roopa the most up there 

You are such an inspiration especially when I see the lovely daughter you are to your eighty-five year old mother. Love you Roopa, loads and loads of uuuuuummmmmaaaas.

Happy Mother's day!

I would love to hear about your Mother's day thoughts too.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Summer vacations and mangoes

All my blogger friends across the world are writing about their summer plans with their families and I get particularly envious and nostalgic when I see status updates of friends of facebook, holidaying with their children. As grown ups, among the many other things that I miss about school,summer and winter vacations are what I miss the most. Parents were forced to make plans to take us out of town, no matter what. In India, it is a tradition in all families, come summer vacations you're packed off and sent to your grandparents. We hardly had an option, the same place, same people, but there was always something new to explore on each trip. My sister and I shifted schools a lot when we were kids so we have a variety of memories :) If that means anything. My early memories are of our little cottages in Mombasa by the beach. We drove down in our car from Nairobi all stuffed with our beach gear and spent two weeks wasting ourselves :) My parents seemed so much more relaxed and "romantic". I guess they had more time to spend with each other without worrying too much about us :)

That's Meera and me in the summer of  1981 in Mombasa (I must ask Roopa for some more pictures of us)

Once my sister and I were sent to India to study, we were now four sisters instead of two because we then lived with my uncle who also had two daughters. On our first summer vacation, we all traveled two whole days by train to get to our respective grandparents. We got to go to my cousin's grandma's too. My Aunt was one brave woman traveling across the country with four little girls. My grandparents lived in an old huge bungalow, with a lawn, lots of rooms to get lost in, tons of helpers around the house and the highlight - a mango tree of our own. Oh! how we guarded that tree. Children across the street would try getting on to the tree and pluck the mangoes even before they were ripe, but we sisters formed a gang and guarded the tree even on hot scorching afternoons. Mangoes were all over the place in summers. They were bought in sacks and crates, unlike today when you pay per dozen. They were soaked in huge basins in the backyard during the day and then free to be gorged after lunch. I really miss the mangoes up in Bareilly. Here in Bombay, they just don't taste and smell the same. 
Summer vacations were so simple and easy when we were young. Now after growing up, planning a holiday takes so much of your time and energy. 
How are you all spending your summers this year? I'd love to know :) 

P.S. I must share my grandfather's mango ice cream recipe with you all soon.