Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend pleasures:

Grand brunch of hummus, pita bread, kebab rolls and hot masala chai at Meera's  cute little nest

  I got to wear my favourite Catwalk loafers - a Birthday present from Meera

Fun at Bandstand, Bandra - I went there after ages

Yes! Chinese for dinner at Mainland China

Singapore Hakka Noodles, Broccoli corn & waterchestnut in yellow bean sauce and herbal tea. What you can't see is the yummy honey noodles and ice-cream for dessert. I'm hungry writing this post...going to grab my cup of masala tea, byeeeee....


  1. hey..very nice pics..had a great weekend...come this weekend also..we will have a lot of fun..:)

  2. Yes Vipul we must do this often...missed putting pictures of our street shopping :) will do that soon.