Friday, April 15, 2011

Tidying up:

Spent the entire day in piles of dust and I still haven't yet finished what I started :( An old friend of ours is leaving to join work in Delhi and he promised me he'd send me his study table and television cabinet. I've been looking for another table for my sewing area and his was perfect, with drawers and shelves which are so so useful. He sent them over last night and I couldn't wait till morning to start all the rearranging. I look at such pretty pictures on blogs everyday of neat and tidy craft rooms and they make me so jealous because, here in Bombay its so dusty that anything I leave untouched for a day has a thick layer of dust. I wonder how people manage to display so much around the house. I spend an hour just dusting everyday :( Well so after hours of shifting stuff around and putting away all my fabric strewn across the room, I now have two tables : one for sewing and the other for my printer,laptop etc. The room looks a little crowded as its our guest room too but, its not too bad. I will post some pictures as soon as I finish up this weekend. The television cabinet has a cane finish and looks lovely with our existing cane and wooden furniture. I love it! Thanks a ton Vikram!

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