Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quick sewing

Hi people, I've been taking it a bit easy these past few days. Long hours of working on the sewing machine have left my neck and shoulders really sore. I stayed away from working yesterday, but by evening my urge to make something went out of control and hence this little fabric bowl was created.

I'd seen this cute bowl at Spoonful of sugar . These little bowls are handy to stuff ribbons, bobbins, buttons etc. Aren't they cute? and they're reversible too. I've stuffed in my ribbons in this one. It hardly used up any fabric. I dug out some scraps and wallah! finished it in ten minutes. I must try making a bigger one too. Pop over to Spoonful of sugar, the mother - daughter duo have some really great tutorials. I must try the covered tape measure next...seee ya!

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